Ek Sawal

Soch rhe the ki kuch hoga,
Kya sirf soch se hi kuch hoga?
Chahte h pana ek jahan,
Kya sirf chahne se jahan hasil hoga?

Yu to karte rhete kayi sawal,
Sawalon ka hi ban Chuka h Jaal
Yu to aate h lakhon khayal,
Kya hoge hakikat wo, ye bhi h ek sawal

Kabhi kyu ye khamoshi kuch keh jaati hai
Yu to thehra hi hai ye Paani, isme bhi bhanwar le aati hai
Hai tanha hi ye Safar bs mazil tak Jana h,
Milte h kuch humrahi, per mazil Ko khud hi pana h

Wo tanhayi hi h, jisne khud se milaya h
Ab to Apne sawalon ke jawab Apne aap diye Jaa rha hu

Dar per sanaam ke nighaien bichaye baithe h,

Ik dedaar ke liye yu aas lagaye baithe h,

Us Nazarene per hi to hum sab haar baithe h,

Dikh jaye wo to, ho saakar jo sapne sajaye baithe h

Someday It could happen, that all I always thought

Someday I could have, what all I want to have

Someday would be a day, which we always desired to be

Someday I could reach the heights , that are high enough

Someday The perfection could be mine, as it belongs to me

Someday the things doesn’t need to be improvised

Someday I could get the one, who is there for me.

Listen to the jingle of rain

It could help you to reduce your pain

Enjoy the pleasure it will be your gain

Become a normal person don’t be insane

Feel the sweet drops and open your brain

It could be last and will not come again

Don’t miss it, see the rise of grain

Look how they are playing in the plain

From the day I was born, I am all alone

I walked in the life,Like fire is to ice

Found some person like thunder storm

But still I am all alone.

What I want from the life is undefined,

Finding rhythm within every line,

The way we flow over with the spinning time,

Try to capture movement that are gone,

I remain unstable and I m all alone.

The things are stationary we r moving around

Thinking of the fact to go underground

Hiding from self and stay behind

Never Try to come out and always put the clone

Everything gone forward and I all alone.

From the beginning till the end
We go straight we go bend
Keep on moments to append
Just calling each other friend

Starting the day together
Wanted just to shine
In the end of day
Way u your and I'll go mine

Time is just on
It's you to decide
Who you want to keep
Who you want to put aside

neel bhasin

Just write

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